Minneapple S‚Äčanta  A Twin City Metro Area Santa Claus

Types of Visits

Regular Santa Visits:

The most common visits are family Christmastime get-togethers.  Santa arrives with gifts for the children (and maybe the adults too!).  After handing out the gifts, Santa can read a story or two, pull out his Magic Stocking (it knows if you're naughty or nice!), even sing songs with them.  Photos are always a fun part of these events.  However, Santa won't do anything that would hurt the image of Santa Claus!  For some great tips and hints for a visit from Santa, check out this link to Santa Hollywood's website.

Other Personal Visits:

Besides regular visits, other types can include bridal showers, Christmas in July events, family reunions, birthday parties, engagements (Santa brings the ring, you pop the question), or any surprise visit at private family functions.

Business/Church/Public Events:

Maybe you want Santa to show up at your place of business to meet and greet your customers? Maybe it's a holiday party for your employees?  A church social after the annual Sunday School Christmas Pageant?  A tree lighting ceremony?  Minneapple Santa is open to just about anything. Please note that events must be for businesses or organizations that would not tarnish Santa's reputation (nothing directly related to alcohol, tobacco, or firearms).  Also, Minneapple Santa will not take any sides for political parties or candidates, etc.

Sneak 'n Peek:

Really a ton of fun!  See the page in the menu on the left about these!


Minneapple Santa will do a number of events free of charge for various charities (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, food shelves, hospitals visits, etc.)  Contact Minneapple Santa for more information.